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Product design Component-graph Column generation Cloud provider Consumer assessment Segmentation Cloud Computing ECG Abstract argumentation Project based learning Interference mitigation Pathologie numérique Auction Biométrie Deep learning Ranking-based semantics Long short-term memory LSTM Routing Anomaly detection Mathematical morphology Game theory Apprentissage Convolutional neural network CNN Optimization Cognitive radio Interference Mitigation Document clustering CDR Algorithmics Data mining Collaborative Filtering Coalition formation UnderWater Acoustic Sensor Networks Remote sensing Compute-aided diagnosis Vocabulary Argumentation Internet of things IoT Biclustering Resource allocation Apprentissage profond Time series Change Constraint programming Classification Compréhension de scènes Deep learning DL Channel Allocation Uncertainty SVR Recommender systems Aide au diagnostic Choquet integral Channel allocation Performance analysis Allocation de canaux QoS Digital pathology Data series Multi-agent systems Relations spatiales Cloud computing IoT Audio watermarking Apprentissage non-supervisé DTW Nash equilibrium Artificial intelligence Crowdsourcing Supervised Learning Audio coding C-RAN BBN WBAN Compact preference representation Cross-Technology Interference Autoencoder Co-clustering Connected operators Artificial intelligence AI Classification croisée Autonomous driving Binary partition tree Spatial Relations Machine learning Unsupervised learning Data Series Text mining Descripteurs de position relative Abstract Argumentation Edge computing BPaaS Computer vision Semantics Spatial relations Negotiation Von Mises-Fisher distribution Clustering Energy-efficiency Image segmentation